~"I was extremely pleased with Surface Surgeon on many levels.They arrived on time, were courteous  and very professional." 

    ~"The contractor was excellent, he did a great job, did it very quickly and was very courteous."

    ~"He did a fabulous job. Even worked through a faucet drip we didn't know we had. It looks great now that it is dry and we are very happy with the results."


    Surface Surgeon is a professional and independent refinishing and remodeling company specializing in quality bathroom and kitchen resurfacing at an affordable cost. Our dedication to customer satisfaction will not be compromised through inferior materials or craftsmanship. Respect for our customers and their property is foremost in establishing a lasting professional working relationship. 

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 C.A.P.S. Certified Contractor (Certified Aging In Place Specialist)


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Our Services Include
  • Bathtub Refinishing / Reglazing
  • Shower Refinishing / Reglazing 
  • Bath & Shower chip repairs
  • Counter top Refinishing / Reglazing 
  • Tile Refinishing / Reglazing 
  • Hot Tub  Refinishing / Reglazing 
  • Bath & Shower Inlay system
  • Handicapped Assist Safety Equipment Installations
  • Complete bathroom and kitchen refinishing, resurfacing and remodeling
  • Expert repairs to fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain and enamel steel fixtures
  • Installation of ceramic tile
  • Installation of vanities, toilets, and shower door systems
  • Tub Conversions
  • Safety Equipment Installation and Modifications
We Serve

  • Ocean County
  • Monmouth County
  • Atlantic County
  • Cape May County
  • Burlington County

Bathtub Refinishing - Why Should I get My Bathtub Refinished?

  • Bathtub Refinishing is up to 80% less then the cost of replacing  your existing Bathtub.
  • Bathtub Refinishing  is a one day process in which you may use your bathtub or shower the next day.
  • Bathtub Refinishing allows you to have a brand new looking bathtub without having to remodel your entire bathroom.
Bathtub Refinishing- What is the process?
  • Before we Refinish your bathtub or shower we remove all the caulking from the bathtub's surface.
  • We then proceed to give your bathtub a deep cleaning to remove any dirt or oils from the tub / shower surface.
  • The bathtub / shower is then acid etched and wet sanded to open the pours of the surface of the tub/ shower to allow a strong bond between the tub and the refinishing coatings.
  • The bathtub / shower is then cleaned and dried with solvents to ensure that the tub / shower is free of all contaminates.
  • The bathtub / shower is then masked off and the room is tarped to prevent any over spray during the refinishing process.   
  • The surface of the bath tub / shower is then tack raged to help prevent microscopic dust from resting on the tub's surface.
  • Three coats of a high build refinishing primer is applied to the tub / shower to ensure a strong bond between the top coat and the tub's surface.
  • Once dried the tub/ shower surface is again tack ragged to remove dust from the primers surface.
  • Three to four top coats of high gloss refinishing top coat is applied to the tub / shower surface.
  • The tub / shower is damasked and is ready for use by the next day.


         C.A.P.S. Certified Contractor (Certified Aging In Place Specialist)


 Commercial / Residential / Institutional Refinishing Services Available

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