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    Refinishing and reglazing are both used to describe the process of preparing and refinishing laminate, porcelain or tile fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom.Bathtubs, shower surrounds and shower basins, sinks, tile, vanity tops, countertops, cultured marble, cast iron porcelain, pressed steel enamel, acrylic and fiberglass. We have a variety of refinishing options to choose from, including Stone Finishes and Granitone Finishes.On an average, the refinishing process takes between 3 to 5 hours (depending on the degree of proper preparation work necessary). We offer many popular standard colors and have an infinite selection of designer colors available. We even offer a wide variety of Custom Stone Finishes for tile, tubs, countertops and other fixture refinishing.
    Tubs are ready for use in just 24 hours.We use a patented primer and aliphatic urethane epoxy that bonds directly to the tub. It has the same look and feel of a new tub. It won't have brush marks or drips. The topcoat material is applied using an industrial 3-Stage HVLP spray system that yields a super-smooth, high gloss finish.Yes.That’s one of the most common reasons why fixtures are refinished. Usually most types of damage can be repaired. Please contact us and we'll be happy to provide our professional opinion.For bath fixtures, we can fix cracks, rust, scratches, holes, dull spots, chips, pits and discoloration in the refinishing process. We even can install new permanent inlay bottoms in fiberglass tubs and showers that are cracked or have holes. We can evaluate the damages and make expert repairs for all degrees of damage. In fact, we can install permanent bottom inlays to repair cracked and leaking fiberglass tubs and showers.
    Do-it-yourself kits are limited in strength and durability and usually fail in a few months. Typically, they consist of an epoxy coating that takes several days to dry and can yellow significantly over time. With most kits, the epoxy is rolled or brushed on the fixture which can result in an unsightly, uneven surface. Even kits that spray-on epoxy can result in uneven coverage and drips. The smooth, high-gloss finish you are looking for cannot be achieved without the proper experience and equipment.Any time you have painting done in your home there is always some sort of residual odor, this hold true with refinishing as well. We minimize the odors by using a portable industrial ventilation system that vents the odors to the outside of the home during the refinishing process. Any residual fumes will be gone usually by the next day.Yes! We have restored a multitude of bath fixtures (nearly 100 years old) making them look new again.

    When considering what to do with an outdated or damaged tub, countertop, sink or wall tile, refinishing is a smart choice. Refinishing can make the chips, scratches, stains and marring completely disappear. That outdated fixture can look new again. With a wide array of color options, you can easily fit your new decor.

Worn or outdated fixtures?... You have the choice of Total Replacement, Bath Liners or Refinishing.

Operation Procedure:
Just like any operation procedure, proper preparation is essential to achieving the desired results.

We remove the old caulking and thoroughly clean off any residue.

We mask or remove plumbing hardware.

We thoroughly clean, sand, etch and prepare the surface of soap scum, calcium deposits, rust, or other contaminants.

Any pre-existing damages or rust is repaired (additional charges apply)

We thoroughly mask and cover surrounding surfaces to protect them from overspray.

We power ventilate the area to establish a dust free refinishing environment.

We apply two coats of specialized primer to insure proper top coat adhesion

We apply three coats of two part epoxy / catalyst High Solid Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Colored Coating.

Finish Coatings are applied using a HVLP 3 Stage Turbine Spray Application System.

Before we operate (Pre-Op) you (the customer) will need to do certain things:

Take down shower curtains, all nicknacks, shampoo caddies, remove toys, bath mat, toiletries, etc from in and around tub area.

Make sure that all plumbing drips in tub area are repaired and dry.

Grout has been repaired and dry.

Old caulking has been removed.

Tub and room is clean from dust bunnies, lint, pet and human hair and any other contaminants.

If the bathroom has a window to the outdoors, make sure that it opens.

All pets are confined in a separate area.

We are trying to create and maintain a sterile environment free from dust or airborne contaminants for the purpose of spray coat refinishing. Customer participation is important to the patient’s condition and recovery.

After the cosmetic surgery is complete (Post-Op) you (the customer) will need to do certain things:

LET PATIENT REST - the refinished surface needs to cure for 24 hours before returning to light duty work.

NO VISITORS - please keep pets, children and others away from newly refinished surface. It is not fully hardened.

NO LIQUIDS - no water, cleaner, soaps, NOTHING for at least 24 hours.

NO STRESS - do not stress the finish by placing objects on it until it has cured.

BANDAGE REMOVAL - masking tape can be removed the next day by homeowner

PATIENTS JEWLRY - reinstall chrome overflow plate and shower hardware the next day. Be Careful, the surface is still healing.

NO ROUGH PLAY - keep all heavy, sharp, or rough objects out of tub for several days until it has time to cure.

RESTRICTIONS - no rubber bath mats, stick on appliques, or tools, ladders or equipment permitted inside of the tub.

FINISH CAULKING - it is the responsibility of the homeowner to complete the finish caulking.

NO CAUSTIC BEVERAGES - the use of liquid or granular drain cleaners will damage the refinished surface. Most drain cleaners are caustic acid based products that can be harmful to your tub and your health.

Please let us know in advance if you would like us to return the next day and take care of reinstallation of plumbing hardware and/or caulking. An additional service charge will be applicable.

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